Jan 27


If you have to lie to a friend, they cannot be much of a friend to begin with. Or not much of a friend to you. Not someone you would consider true friend. You don’t care much if you can lie to them.

You care even less when you allow the lies to settle. And fester. Grow. Hurt.

You care even less when your pride blinds you. A true friend knows humility. A best never has to be reminded of that fact.
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Jan 26


Sometimes I want to cry because I need to. Sometimes I don’t want to cry because I don’t need to. Sometimes I cry too much. Sometimes I want to cry because I need to.

I can’t stop now, but a good cry is cleansing. A good, deep, soulful cry; the one that comes from the broken heart. Or when sorrow is actualized. In this case, maybe both.
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Jan 25


Pride can motivate men to do good just as it can trip men into bad. The measure of a good man is one that knows when to be proud or motivated by pride, and when to be humble.

To have pride in one’s work is to feel a sense of accomplishment- to feel achieved. Pride in one’s work moves man to do better. To be proud of anything in a positive manner is to evoke happiness.
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Jan 23

My Lie

I love to learn new things. I love to learn. I love to learn about myself. Or understand myself, really. I like being able to have answers to my questions.

The problem is, I don’t always trust myself either. I am still learning to do that. I am still learning what it means to trust myself and how. I am still learning how to be a healthy-minded adult. The problem is, I can convince myself of something if I keep at it long enough [as I am sure most of us can]. If something doesn’t add up, I have to make it fit. I know that that is a shortcoming of mine that I must overcome as well, but I figure I will do that by effect of learning to trust myself.
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Jan 23

Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

I am an Aquarius on the cusp of Pisces. I love to read up on Astrology and my sign and what it means in terms of who I am to be on the cusp. It fascinates me that who I am can be defined so well by Astrology.

In reading about my ADHD and again about the cusp and what it means about me, I find that I am who I am. I am defined.
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