May 19


Don’t pretend you want to get to know me;
Show me
What it’s like to be lonely.
Make a believer or leave her.
Like a fuckin bandit;
Thief in the night.
Nothing seems right.
Everything’s wrong,
And I haven’t got a fight.
I’m done.

May 11

You Don’t KNOW Me!

How can anyone think they know me when I am still learning myself? You think because you live with me, you know me? You think because you are or at one point have been my best friend, you know me? You think because you read my words, you know me? You think because I tell you everything I want to tell you, you know me?
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May 08

True Love?

What is love? What is true love? What’s the difference? What ‘love’ are we talking about when we ask?

It never ceases to amaze me how we can fall in ‘love’ with whomever we are dating the minute they become ‘ours’. We see us growing old together and being with each other always. Some go to the extreme as much as to smother their mates. We all love and want to be loved in different ways though so who is to say that it really isn’t love? If love to me, is not what love is to you, how can you tell me I’m not in love?
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May 03

Fluid Emotions

Same shit, different pot;
Wipe your ass before you’re caught.
Smell you come a mile away;
The cat’s away, the mice will play.
Rodents, vermin, dirty rats;
Tell the truth–state the facts.
State affairs;
Grown-up games.
Check your moves;
Your play is lame.
Let me off this merry-go-
Round n round,
Circular flow;
Why Mary?
You marry me,
I marry you;
Will this marriage last?
I haven’t got a clue.
I may not be no Holmes,
But it’s no mystery–
How everything you do
Ignites a fire in me.
Lighter fluid;
Strike a match.
I’m no pyro,
But I’m a catch.
Final inning, one last play;
Bases loaded, swing away.
Power effort, try again;
Win the game–
Lose a friend.