Sep 02

Reality Bites

What’s so great about reality anyhow? Rules, obligations, truth, reality…

I love to be entertained; it could be the ADHD that I always have to be entertained or I go mad, but nothing entertains me better than the world of fantasy. Oh the places you can go, the people you can see, the adventures you can have! The world of fantasy; mystical, dark, light, funny, sad, adventurous, seductive, and limitless. Fantasy beats reality any day.

Could I lose myself to the world of fantasy? Could my mind become so enthralled in the euphoria that is the bliss of fantasy? I get lost in hours of a show that is everything I could want in a fantasy: new, different, sexy, and hilarious.
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Oct 13

Dying Inside

Dying inside
Nowhere to hide
Escape from inner me?

Not even confused
‘Bout what I should do
But selfish I tend to be.

Want them so bad
Oh isn’t it sad
The things that I will do?

Cuz though it sounds sappy
They just make you happy
Even if their love is not you.

But when does it end
These feelings you fend
Your heart you try to deny?

Get lost in their being
Never believing
This love is ever a lie.

Why do they gel
And fit you so well
Like something out of a dream?

Maybe that love
Is not from above
And it’s time to change my team.

How is it so
I just want to know
That their soul is not mated to yours?

I’m stuck in a trance
Not given a chance
The truth my heart ignores.

Why does this destiny
Just seem to mess with me
When my feelings are so pure?

I’m trapped in my dreams
Falling it seems
The truth I tend to obscure.

Why can’t I just stop
My heart’s final flop
And open my eyes up to see?

But no attention I pay
To reality’s way
That says we’ll never be.

Sep 06

If I Died Today, I’d Want You To…

If I Died Today, I’d Want You To:

Love somebody with all of your heart. Don’t just be in love with the idea of love. Get to know someone. Take your time. Tomorrow may not be guaranteed, but do you really want to waste years on lust or the love of love? The slower, the better. It’s such a grand adventure getting to know that special someone– getting to see new aspects of who they are and what they like. When you find yourself smiling just thinking about them, the idea of their touch makes your body melt, and you can be in the same room saying nothing at all and still have a good time, you may have found someone you can love with all your heart. Would you do anything short of denying yourself? Would you even have to deny yourself? Your love should just ‘fit’. Don’t play games. Life is indeed too short for that. Love whole-heartedly, intentionally, and with respect. Love somebody truly with all your heart.

May 11

You Don’t KNOW Me!

How can anyone think they know me when I am still learning myself? You think because you live with me, you know me? You think because you are or at one point have been my best friend, you know me? You think because you read my words, you know me? You think because I tell you everything I want to tell you, you know me?
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May 08

True Love?

What is love? What is true love? What’s the difference? What ‘love’ are we talking about when we ask?

It never ceases to amaze me how we can fall in ‘love’ with whomever we are dating the minute they become ‘ours’. We see us growing old together and being with each other always. Some go to the extreme as much as to smother their mates. We all love and want to be loved in different ways though so who is to say that it really isn’t love? If love to me, is not what love is to you, how can you tell me I’m not in love?
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