Pride can motivate men to do good just as it can trip men into bad. The measure of a good man is one that knows when to be proud or motivated by pride, and when to be humble.

To have pride in one’s work is to feel a sense of accomplishment- to feel achieved. Pride in one’s work moves man to do better. To be proud of anything in a positive manner is to evoke happiness.

The idea that ‘pride goeth before the fall‘ is extracted from Proverbs which actually reads that ‘pride goeth before destruction‘; either way, it seems to say that pride is wrong and/or leads to destruction.

But the problem is like anything used for purposes they were not intended for or too much of anything (is a bad thing). Being so full of pride that you can’t see past the nose in front of your face, you could end up missing out on the good around you. You could miss out on the help around you and fall flat on your face. You could be so consumed by your pride that you fail to see clearly.

Or when pride makes you lie. Or cheat. Or betray. When pride has negative motivations, it is too much. Pride should make you want to be a better person for the good of your soul.

When you are full of pride, you are absent humility. When you are absent humility, you lack the ability to truly care for others properly.

I am depressed because I am surrounded by lies, egos, and prideful pricks. Lazy, entitled, selfish users who only care for themselves. They don’t care about the world around them let alone others. They are draining me. How can I expect to have a positive mindset in a negative surrounding?

I may be clinically depressed even or allowing myself to be too consumed by things I have no power or control over, but part of it is indeed my surroundings, my company, and my family.

My sister, like others I know, chooses to throw away anything good that good has to offer. She is ruled by her thwarted mind. Why cut when you have no reason to cease to exist? Perhaps she is depressed too. Perhaps. I wish I knew. She won’t talk to me. I have to hear from my other sister what is going on in her life. I feel bad because I should be able to talk to my sisters individually about their own, but I can’t. The family that I have left is a joke, but it’s family. My sister has beautiful, good kids. She has a great guy who stays and helps even though they are not ‘together’. He plays the role of dad and support. She doesn’t have to work. She doesn’t work. She drinks. All the time. She goes to school, sure, but she doesn’t even like what she is doing. She is good at it, sure, but I fear what will happen when there is no more school left to take. She will be 30 next year; she is getting older and needs to see herself for herself. She needs help, but doesn’t want it. She needs help, and doesn’t seek it. She needs help.

She doesn’t see it.

The only reason you cannot help those who refuse to help themselves is because you cannot control other peoples’ lives. And because they are working against you when they refuse to work with you.

Pride, ego, selfish, I. We become so consumed by our pride, our ‘me’, that we lose sight of the effects on others. We lose sight of help. We lose sight of ourselves. We lose.

I’m depressed because I love and it gets taken advantage of. It’s nothing new; my best friend in college said it best when she said that when I love, I love with my whole heart. I can’t not. And when it comes to family, there is just no question; they can destroy me, but I will always love them. I love my sister from afar because she doesn’t know what to say to me anymore, but it hurts that she is so stuck on herself that she can’t see that I have a need for family too. And not even that she is stuck on herself; she is too full of pride to think that she needs help. Or too ruled by her thwarted mind that she doesn’t see that reality and her mind don’t ‘add up’ properly; she doesn’t know she needs to seek help. And that is truly an injustice to her.

Pride goeth before destruction. Allow yourself to be consumed by your pride, and you will fall. The fall doesn’t have to be or even have to be hard if you command it so.

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