Feb 17

If I Died

If I died today, I want you to know…

There are three things you should always learn to say (and when):

I love you

Some people have a hard time telling others how they feel. It could be that they were chastised by their parents for expressing themselves when they were younger, and were therefor trained to keep their feelings private. It could be that they don’t actually feel anything for you. It could be that they are just that selfish/self-centered. It could be that they don’t know how to express their feelings.
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Feb 16

Before You Die

I have been doing a lot of introspection lately and trying to overcome my demons and embrace my angels. I hang out with a variety of people of a range of ages and it is interesting to see the way others view the world. Some perceptions are rooted in the same ideas (ie. ‘you can’t help those who can’t help themselves’ or ‘take care of yourself first’ etc.) and others are either demented versions of the truth or lessons you never had to learn yourself.

I wish I would have done a lot more introspection in my early 20s because I don’t think I would have made many of the mistakes I did, or at least on as grand of a scale as I did at times. I would have surely made other mistakes, but I would have guarded my heart better; that is the only mistake that hits me the most.
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