Mar 302011

I’m sunk in this funk
Got that crunk junk
In my bunk trunk
I’m so drunk punk
I mean punk drunk
Punch drunk
I could punch a drunk monk
In his junk trunk
Just to beat this bunk funk
Say that five times fast
That, that, that
That, that’s not funny
Well I’m sorry honey,
Sweetie, darlin’, dear
Losing you from me
Is the only thing I fear
Use me, abuse me
But if you don’t choose me,
You’ll lose me
Got my head spinnin ‘n turnin
In circles it just goes
Up from down, upside down
This coaster really blows
I’d hate to be your first
If it takes me out of last
You gotta make a choice
This moment passes fast.

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Mar 252011

When a marriage ends, a straight couple breaks up, or a woman becomes a single mother; in any means, the child should be taken from the woman. After all, Christian activists contend that gays and lesbians should not have kids because a child needs both a mother and a father. So the same should apply to single parents. Because the child cannot have both a mother and a father, the child should be taken away and given to those who can provide the nuclear unit.

But the child would still be able to see his or her father, you say? Why then cannot the same argument be applied to a gay or lesbian family? Because you do not want it to? Because the family is gay or lesbian? What does that have to with anything? Once a family is split up, does that automatically make them bad homes?
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Mar 212011

People are stupid. A person has a chance, but people as a group are stupid. They cannot think as a unit and therefore cannot be as productive as the individual. An individual will work and scheme to be better than the next whereas the group will contain slackers who depend on the others to pick up where they lack. It is the lack of motivation as a group that people become inert. A person is mobile. People are swayed by the masses whereas a person questions his own reality.

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Mar 182011

When people ask me if I am an optimist or a pessimist, I tell them quite simply that I am a realist. I dream for the best, but know that the worst might occur. I hate sappy romance movies because they never stay true to life, yet secretly I root for the happy ending. I want the fantasy to be a reality.

When I was younger, my mother would become so upset with me because I always had to have things as black and white–no room for gray. She used to tell me that things are not always black and white and that I had to accept that sometimes there is just gray. I never could. I still cannot. I tell people that in order to get gray, you must mix the black and the white. Sure, it applies to colors, but it can apply to life too. People only accept the gray because they do not want to accept the truth.
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Mar 172011

Patience is not a virtue of mine
But God tells me He’s got me each time
So I look to my Jesus to save me
Knowing God doesn’t hand out maybes
And I know that I’ll turn out fine
But patience is not a virtue of mine

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Mar 162011

***I am not always the best at keeping things in a straight line, but I have done my best here. These are my thoughts today when I was thinking about fate, destiny, action, and free will. I am not an authoritarian on anything, but this is rather the truth as I see it and what I believe God has shown me.***This is something I wrote in one of my FB notes***

The paradox that is presented by foreknowledge and free will is one that would seem to be a nice contradiction to the idea of prophecy and free will or an All Knowing God and free will. Determinism vs. free will seems to always take into account that because something CAN be, it SHOULD be. For example, if God said to me that I was going die in a car accident on Tuesday, my human nature would tell me to avoid getting into a car on Tuesday. More than that, I could even take it a step further and opt not to leave the house at all on Tuesday. After all, I could be in a car accident where a car hits me as I am walking down the road right? Yet even if either or other alternatives are good alternatives that may prevent the foretold death, does it mean I should take those routes?
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Mar 152011

A moment can define a life
Time changes everything
Fades into the darkness
Surrounds me.

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