Nov 30

I’m Hurting

And I don’t know how to stop.

I’m hurting, and I don’t know how to stop.

No one to talk to who would understand or not back-stab me.

Always so loyal I remain.

Bitch dog that I am.

Kick me, a bitch I remain.

But I can change.

People change.

No one likes change.

But I can change.

And learn to stop.

Nov 15

Just Me

I find it hilarious that people can call you names, but cannot bring you down with logic or actual facts; that they have to resort to name calling is a clear indicator that they don’t have shit. It is only hilarious to me because they actually think they have made a jab at you; they actually think it means something. But yet if you ask for back-up, there is none to be found; yet they want every evidence you have against them if you say anything against them. It’s hilarious to me that this is humanity.
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Nov 05


I wanted to die. Like really. The kind where if you had a gun, you would be dead. I used to think I had overcome that feeling. The true feeling I mean. I’d like to think everyone must wish they were dead at some point in their life…it’d make me feel a whole lot better if they thought about it at least once a week…
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