Sep 022012

What’s so great about reality anyhow? Rules, obligations, truth, reality…

I love to be entertained; it could be the ADHD that I always have to be entertained or I go mad, but nothing entertains me better than the world of fantasy. Oh the places you can go, the people you can see, the adventures you can have! The world of fantasy; mystical, dark, light, funny, sad, adventurous, seductive, and limitless. Fantasy beats reality any day.

Could I lose myself to the world of fantasy? Could my mind become so enthralled in the euphoria that is the bliss of fantasy? I get lost in hours of a show that is everything I could want in a fantasy: new, different, sexy, and hilarious.
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Feb 162012

I have been doing a lot of introspection lately and trying to overcome my demons and embrace my angels. I hang out with a variety of people of a range of ages and it is interesting to see the way others view the world. Some perceptions are rooted in the same ideas (ie. ‘you can’t help those who can’t help themselves’ or ‘take care of yourself first’ etc.) and others are either demented versions of the truth or lessons you never had to learn yourself.

I wish I would have done a lot more introspection in my early 20s because I don’t think I would have made many of the mistakes I did, or at least on as grand of a scale as I did at times. I would have surely made other mistakes, but I would have guarded my heart better; that is the only mistake that hits me the most.
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Nov 052011

I wanted to die. Like really. The kind where if you had a gun, you would be dead. I used to think I had overcome that feeling. The true feeling I mean. I’d like to think everyone must wish they were dead at some point in their life…it’d make me feel a whole lot better if they thought about it at least once a week…
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Oct 012011

If I Died Today, I Want You To Know:

Don’t get into a routine. Routines are work, home, eat, sleep, love, work, home, eat, sleep, love, work…maybe an activity…why? To what benefit? To prepare for death? Why not prepare for death by living life! Don’t love the same way, take vacations, eat out, sleep in, enjoy. Responsibilty does not have to be boring, does not have to make you a dull person, and does not mean that you have to give up all the fun in life. Fun is what you make it.

Aug 012011

If I died today, I would want you to know:

Pay it forward. What are you going to do with something you do nothing with?! If I have to give, I give; why not? You never know when you are going to be in a position to need someone to repay the kindness. And if you never are in that position, you can at least leave this world having helped [change] someone else’s life. You never know the impact you have on someone so why not at least try to make it a positive one? If we all showed random acts of kindness to one another, perhaps we could reverse the perverted nature that we have developed from the sensationlized media that we are consistently exposed to. Perhaps. If I were to die today, I’d want you to know that it couldn’t hurt to try.