Feb 17

If I Died

If I died today, I want you to know…

There are three things you should always learn to say (and when):

I love you

Some people have a hard time telling others how they feel. It could be that they were chastised by their parents for expressing themselves when they were younger, and were therefor trained to keep their feelings private. It could be that they don’t actually feel anything for you. It could be that they are just that selfish/self-centered. It could be that they don’t know how to express their feelings.
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Jan 03


Most of the times, the reason I want to be outside of existence is because it hurts too much to be in it. Most of the times, I am just that depressed. It sucks that that is how I am lately, but I am dealing with it best I can on my own. It’s the other times where it even is even more than just a thought.
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Dec 29

Rabbit Hole

Sometimes when I am arguing with someone, I will get so caught up in my argument or theirs that I miss the ‘big’ picture. I fall down the rabbit hole time and time again without fail. It’s like a reflex; you can’t fight it.

Sometimes I want to be in the rabbit hole [but most times, not really]; but I don’t want people I care about going in with me. The rabbit hole is fine to foes, but friends deserve better. It sucks that to think that way anymore though is misconstrued more often than not.
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