Feb 26


If I call you friend, I’m your loyal pup.
If I call you enemy, you best watch your step.
If I call you lover, I will make you my world.

If I need you, will you be there?
If I beat you, will you leave me be?
If I fall for you, will you pick me up?

Games we play, lies we tell.
Feeble attempts to fool yourself.
Do you trust…you?

Altered endings, scattered wrongs
Tales of hope
To make you strong.
If I want a friend, I’ll let you know.
If I want an enemy, I’ll find one.
If I want a lover, I’ll lose a friend.

Feb 23

Powerful Words

Lesbian. Dyke. Fag. Lesbian. How can your own family turn against you? How is it more horrible to love another man or woman than to love a different skin color? When did love become about what a person is rather than who a person is?

Lesbian. Dyke. Fag. Why do people think words hurt so much? Why do words hurt so much? After all, they have as much power as we give them. Why do we try and find the most hated words to throw at each other? Nigger. Spic. Rag head. Words on a page, words out of your mouth, words with no meaning at all until we give them meaning. And yet we start fights, shed tears, and draw lines over them.
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Feb 19


You want them
I want you
Stupid love
What to do
Lucky them
Loser me
But all is as
It should be
Deny myself
To see your smile
But replacin you
Could take a while
For you are perfect
And all I need
But you want them
So we’ll never be.

Feb 18

Destiny’s Fate

What is fate but destiny’s twin
Parallel universes, crossovers
And then
Mess with emotions
Toy with the heart
Play games with reality
Where do I start?

Liar’s tales, chronicles unfold
Get lost in subscriptions to volumes
Of old
Outdated excuses
Of why we can’t be
Tempting sure fate or mess

Cause you to question, this duo does well
Surfing for answers: What do
They tell
Stories you love and
Crave to be true
Fact of opinion of
Me loving you.

Paradox of pain love always brings
Circles and mazes invades on
Your dreams
Visions of happy
But which is the best
Decisions to make
This must be a test.

So what do this fate and destiny do
Give meaning, direction, I haven’t
A clue
The mystery emotions
Detect from the start
The crime to deny
This case of the heart.

Feb 17

Needs More Sugar

There is a saying that you can ‘have your cake and eat it too‘ that is often used as an insult. That is because it usually is. I mean, no matter what way you look at it or twist it, that is ultimately what you are asking for. No matter what word play you use to justify your actions, it still makes it an insult.

I do not think I take for granted inherent things in the world. Is it not inherent that you be faithful to your girlfriend or boyfriend regardless of whether or not a ring is on their finger? Should it not be an agreement by both of you if you decide to step out on them? I mean, think about all the emotions you have to play with to do that. You first hurt the one you claim to love because they have now become insufficient for you; they cannot give you what you want so their role has been minimized to nothing. You make them feel that small that you actually expect them to take you back into their bed afterwards as if to call them a whore. Then you have the one that you cheat with; they think they now have a chance with you and get hurt when you say ‘no’. Sex should not be about fucking. Sex should be about making love and showing that love to your partner. You cheat with that person, they think it will go somewhere. Perhaps it will. Perhaps that is what you want all along. Despite what you say. You disrespect two people and make them both whores when you cheat.
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