Sep 022012

What’s so great about reality anyhow? Rules, obligations, truth, reality…

I love to be entertained; it could be the ADHD that I always have to be entertained or I go mad, but nothing entertains me better than the world of fantasy. Oh the places you can go, the people you can see, the adventures you can have! The world of fantasy; mystical, dark, light, funny, sad, adventurous, seductive, and limitless. Fantasy beats reality any day.

Could I lose myself to the world of fantasy? Could my mind become so enthralled in the euphoria that is the bliss of fantasy? I get lost in hours of a show that is everything I could want in a fantasy: new, different, sexy, and hilarious.
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Jan 252012

Pride can motivate men to do good just as it can trip men into bad. The measure of a good man is one that knows when to be proud or motivated by pride, and when to be humble.

To have pride in one’s work is to feel a sense of accomplishment- to feel achieved. Pride in one’s work moves man to do better. To be proud of anything in a positive manner is to evoke happiness.
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Jan 132012

When I was younger, I saw psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists against my will. It started in 7th grade when my mother started taking my sister and I to see a psychiatrist. We saw that quack for almost 3 years until my mom made it where I could no longer stay in the care of my parents. I don’t know if they still continued to see the quack, but when I went into foster care, I had to see a psychiatrist and/or therapist depending on where I was placed at the time.
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