Jun 27

Not a Love Song

I love a good love song when I’m in love. Nothing better than to listen to something that makes you think of the object of your affections. I like songs that make me feel, and love songs make me feel. Sometimes they make me feel happy, and sometimes they make me feel sad. There is nothing wrong with a good love song. But the not-a-love-song songs are even better to me at times.
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Jun 08

I’m Not An Atheist

I have the mind of an atheist, but Jesus lives in my heart. =]

I do understand the concept of not believing in anything; I understand that the idea of a ‘Creator’ may not be the most logical, scientific approach to the world. I understand that science just may be able to answer all the questions of the world better than ‘God’ can. I understand that religion is riddled with more questions than answers. If I didn’t have a heart for Jesus, I might be able to convince myself that we exist merely to exist.
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