Jan 14

Why Evil?

In light of the Sandy Hook Elementary horror, among the many questions we ask include ‘where was God‘, ‘how could someone do this‘, and ‘why‘. Why did God allow this? How could someone be so evil? Why is there evil? As if to know the answers to these questions will settle our hearts and minds, we seek an answer to why someone would commit such a horrific act. As if to finally have confirmation that there is no God, we question the Deity we are trying to deny: where was He?

The baby Christian says that we must have evil to know good and therefor, in order for there to be a loving God, there must be an opposite evil force. Absolute good cannot exist without absolute evil. Evil must be so that we can be free.

The Christian prays.

Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

The Christian reads his bible fumbling through the pages to find any reference that will justify a baby slain. A life taken too soon is God calling his babies home; innocence lost is a part of God’s overall plan. Jesus wept.
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Dec 04


**Note: This will jump around. I can’t spit this word vomit out in any other way that makes sense right now because I can’t make sense of it in my head. I can’t make sense of it so I must write it out as I think it. Perhaps I will come back to it and modify it to a better flow, but for now, pure word vomit is all I can offer.**

More than once recently I have heard it said that “everything happens for a reason.” I’m still not sure where I stand on the issue. In discussing the idea of “free will vs fate/determinism”, I have run into this concept before.

I can’t seem to wrap my head around what I think because it always seems to create a paradox in my mind. I run in circles right back to start. I can reconcile that we are the effects of a first cause, but not that our effects are with an effectual purpose/reason.
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Jun 08

I’m Not An Atheist

I have the mind of an atheist, but Jesus lives in my heart. =]

I do understand the concept of not believing in anything; I understand that the idea of a ‘Creator’ may not be the most logical, scientific approach to the world. I understand that science just may be able to answer all the questions of the world better than ‘God’ can. I understand that religion is riddled with more questions than answers. If I didn’t have a heart for Jesus, I might be able to convince myself that we exist merely to exist.
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Mar 16

Oedipus Rex: Are Fate and Free Will Mutually Exclusive?

***I am not always the best at keeping things in a straight line, but I have done my best here. These are my thoughts today when I was thinking about fate, destiny, action, and free will. I am not an authoritarian on anything, but this is rather the truth as I see it and what I believe God has shown me.***This is something I wrote in one of my FB notes***

The paradox that is presented by foreknowledge and free will is one that would seem to be a nice contradiction to the idea of prophecy and free will or an All Knowing God and free will. Determinism vs. free will seems to always take into account that because something CAN be, it SHOULD be. For example, if God said to me that I was going die in a car accident on Tuesday, my human nature would tell me to avoid getting into a car on Tuesday. More than that, I could even take it a step further and opt not to leave the house at all on Tuesday. After all, I could be in a car accident where a car hits me as I am walking down the road right? Yet even if either or other alternatives are good alternatives that may prevent the foretold death, does it mean I should take those routes?
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