Life Meaning

As if we have to have a meaning to live, we question at times what the meaning of life is. Not to take away from the fact that life is only produced out of procreation and a natural cycle that enables existence (obviously), but many, if not all, people want to know what our purpose here is.

Some mean to ask our purpose as a group of people whereas others mean it personally to say what is my individual purpose for existing. We of course know how we came to be and literally why, but we find ourselves questioning what we, the named individuals that we are, are meant to do with our lives.

And perhaps it is just the religious or pensive types that question. ¬†How can I make such statements as I write? It’s my blog; the opinions and thoughts are mine to express.

So if we are looking for a purpose, don’t we have to concede a maker? That we were created to do something [the ‘purpose‘]? Otherwise, how can we have a purpose at all? Otherwise, aren’t we just a byproduct of nature? We all know about the birds and the bees; we all know what it takes to make a baby, and for those who even try their hardest to do so, we know that we have little control in the matter.

Whether or not we have a purpose, however, shouldn’t we just be enjoying life? Whether we enjoy serving our God or enjoy living the gift we have been given, what purpose does having a purpose serve? If we are created, we know our purpose; if we are a byproduct, we exist regardless and should be able to enjoy the mere act of existing.

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