Dec 062012

Some people can look at a couple and wonder what one was thinking in getting with the other; they judge by the outer appearances. They see what their narrow minds show them. Judging eyes.

I’ve been guilty of judging my reaction to someone based on their appearances; that is, I have been guilty of not thinking I can be attracted to someone based on their appearances. Not that they are ugly by any means, but that I would not feel the chemistry. After all, why waste the energy if the chemistry is not going to be there? Some people make better friends than lovers; if I can gauge which goes into which category best, I can gauge how much effort I will put to them. Not to say that lovers get more text time or friends get more face time and vice versa, but rather that if you can only fit in the “lovers” category, and I don’t want you as a friend, I don’t have to put any effort. Yet if you can only fit in the “friends” category, I’m not gonna spend the extra effort to let you know I’m thinking about you either. 😉

It makes sense in my head. In my head, I am still wrong; I make rash decisions and mistakes, but I don’t give up because of a bad break.

I love to laugh; anyone who can make me laugh is fantastic to me. Whether they stay a friend or become a lover, their odds of being a lover are greater if they can make me laugh. A real, good, hearty laugh. I love to laugh. If you can wear me out without having to touch me, I eat that up; it is so sexy to me.

I love intelligence; to me, a good joke is an intelligent one. Intelligence and laughter, therefor, go hand in hand for me; it’s just as sexy, and just as much of a turn on to see a brilliant mind. When I can’t come up with a decent retort, I am loving it.

I love passion; anyone who truly loves their job, their hobby, their (healthy) obsession is sexy to me. I love to see someone carry on about whatever it is they are passionate about; if they are truly passionate about it, it’s rare that they are ever carrying on without a smile on their face. And doesn’t a smile just make you smile? Doesn’t it just lift your spirits? Warm your heart?

I love creativity; whether it be a different way of viewing life or one’s ability to create something new and beautiful, creativity represents a decent imagination. I love to see someone else’s point of view. I love to see what others can create from their own mind.

So how can it be that I can stop something before it starts; judging someone on their outer appearances prevents me from seeing their intelligent, passionate, creative, and humorous sides. To me, these things make a person so much more sexier; together, they are downright irresistible for me.

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